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Version 2.0.7

  • ADDED: Responsive Video Background Options | Improved Responsive GIF Background in Video Background Option.
  • UPDATE : SVG Icon styles options updated in Info Box Widget (Draw SVG Disable, Fill Color)
  • FIX : SVG icon bug fix in Infobox, Flipbox, Pricing Table, Number Counter. Compatibility with Elementor 2.6.x
  • FIX : Elementor popup conflict JS & CSS bug fix @Peter Vojtko
  • FIX : Post listing Variable Issue in JS @Jan-Hinrich Fehlis
  • FIX : Switcher,Tabs/Tours & Accordion Isotope JS option of Auto Re-Layout
  • FIX : Animated Service Box Widget's Image Accordion Style, First and Last Box Padding issue resolved. @Jenny Katz
  • UPDATE : Blog Listing Widget Excerpt Field Typography, Listing Style-4 background Overlay color bug fixed. @Jan-Hinrich Fehlis
  • UPDATE : Google map address field updated from text field to editor field for charset compatibility. @Thorsten Sebode
  • UPDATE : Acceptance checkbox options added in Contact form 7 Widget. @Diogenes Mata
  • UPDATE : "Sale" badge CSS in Product Listing Widget. @Azar
  • FIX : Scroll Reveal Image Js improved in Creative Image Widget @Dwayne
  • FIX : On Scroll Background Image Change Feature Improved for Responsive Devices @Veslemøy Holt